RRU Backs Welsh Government Sustainability Plan

When commenting on the forthcoming years Programme of Government in July 2011, First Minister Carwyn Jones stated that:
“Sustainability is more than just a green idea. It is about defining the long term development plan for our nation. It means healthy, productive people, vibrant, inclusive communities, a diverse and resilient environment and an advanced and innovative economy”.
The RRU are proud to be part of supporting the success of this programme. In the past year we have placed greater emphasis on increasing the sustainability throughout the Community Food Co-operative Programme in Wales, making it a priority. We feel that doing so is essential if a sustainable Wales is to be foreseen in the near future.
To see more regarding the First Minister’s programme of Government, please visit: – http://yoursenedd.com/debates/2011-07-12-the-welsh-government-s-legislative-programme-2011-16
This year, the Welsh Government are making preparations for a Sustainable Development Bill with the intention of strengthening the approach and changing the commitment to a legal duty. This will ultimately result in all public bodies taking a long term approach in enabling a sustainable Wales. It will also allow people to work together with an identifiable and collective aim. Evidence will then become accessible so that when making decisions, public bodies can provide the best value for the people they serve now and in the future. To view the proposals to develop and strengthen sustainability in Wales in a little more depth, please visit: – http://wales.gov.uk/docs/desh/consultation/120508susdevbillconsulten.pdf
The RRU support this Bill and have signed the Government’s S.D. Charter which outlines our ways of ensuring that what we do, will play a part in the aim to create a sustainable Wales. Where the Community Food Co-operative Project is concerned, we are currently working with Ecostudio to develop ways of measuring sustainability performance of the community food co-ops and their suppliers in Wales.  By introducing sustainable indicators and measures throughout the Community Food Co-operative Programme, we at the RRU will be fulfilling both our own and the Welsh Government’s commitment to sustainability. We also aim to increase the proportion of Welsh fruit and vegetables sold through the food co-ops, while increasing the range of Welsh produce available, creating a more sustainable local supply chain.
To view the Sustainable Development charter please visit: –http://wales.gov.uk/docs/desh/policy/100528susdevcharteren.pdf and to view all charter signatories, please visit: –http://www.cynnalcymru.com/sites/default/files/120810%20Charter%20Sigs%20for%20Web.pdf
The Bill itself, which will be introduced in the autumn of 2013, will be the driving force in creating a sustainable Wales. The RRU welcome being part of such a dedicated and important aspect of Wales’ present and future health and environmental welfare.

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